Better grades, together.

Gradebook is a free app designed by students to make grade tracking easy.

Gradebook application screenshot


Gradebook was designed by students, for students. We focus on providing better insights into your progress so that you can focus on what's most important.


Gradebook is your one-stop shop to keep track of your grades across all your courses at any school, on all your devices.

What makes Gradebook awesome?

We strive to provide a fast, simple, and intuitive way to track your grades and constantly add features to support this.

Screenshot of a Gradebook Semester dashboard, which contains visual progress bars to show how you're doing in all of your courses

Simple, visual dashboard

View an overview of all your courses on your home page.

Screenshot of the What's Needed section from a Course Dashboard

Superior insights

Understand how you need to do on your remaining assignments to earn each letter grade.

Constant improvement

We listen to feedback on current and possible features and act on it to make Gradebook even better.

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