Release Notes

Note that we only update our release notes when there is a notable feature or improvement. We often have several smaller releases with bug fixes and improvements that will not be listed until the next time the release notes are updated. 😊


Released January 2, 2022


  • Allowed old courses to be edited

    • Semesters that have passed are now considered "archived" instead of "readonly"

Bug Fixes / Notable Changes

  • Cleaned up various accessibility issues. We strive to make using Gradebook a pleasant experience for everyone.

  • Improved reliability of logging in again

  • Made header sticky

  • Fixed crash when leaving the course dashboard before course data has loaded

  • Improved heuristics around the semester used for GPA calculations

  • Added support for new users to create a course from Course Search

  • Improved networking

    • Fixed request prioritization

    • Updated how what error messages are exposed in the UI

  • Fixed a crash when finishing creating a course that would prevent you from ever finishing it


Released August 16, 2022

Even though there aren't notable features or improvements, we've decided to include the changes from 3.26.0 to 3.26.2 due to reliability issues.

Bug Fixes

  1. Importing a course should now be fully functional
  • Loading the import page will not crash

  • Trying to import a course after logging in will not cause a crash

  1. Logging in to a different school on Gradebook will take you to your correct school
  • Previously, the app would try to log you in, fail, and ask you to log in again
  1. Account creation after trying to import a course will work now
  • Previously, you could get a cryptic error


Released August 14, 2022


  • Upcoming semesters can now be created much earlier

  • The semester used for GPA will always be the oldest of current semesters.

    • During transition periods, such as between the Fall and Winter semester, the older semester will be used for GPA calculations until it is archived.
  • Added support for using existing course templates (Course Search). Limited to Texas A&M University

Bug Fixes / Notable Changes

  • Enhanced the precision of most numerical calculations

  • Fixed crash when experimenting with a category

  • Added support for ✨emojis✨ in assignment names

  • Improved stability of network communication and handling of network errors

  • Added more indicators to show when portions of the site are loading

  • Improved validation of bonus points

  • Fixed crash in new user welcome screen

  • Increased the maximum credit hours to 9

  • Fixed delete course sometimes navigating to the wrong semester

  • Improved design of the empty semester dashboard


Released November 23, 2021


  • Added a new system for us to ask for your feedback

Bug Fixes / Notable Changes

  • Fixed "finish creating course" erroring when a semester is full

  • Improve the way plus and minus letter grades look


Released October 31, 2021 πŸŽƒ


  • Redesigned progress bars to have a unified experience. The visual changes are minor, but a lot of really small issues have been fixed. And it's a bit faster ⚑

  • Updated "new category" design

  • Increased max course count

Bug Fixes / Notable Changes

  • Allow selecting destination semester for import

  • The number of assignments in a category are now surfaced in the grade table

  • Fixed grade mode preferences not being remembered

  • Improvements to the Course Creator

    • Removed old course creator

    • Allowed deferring assignment creation

    • Allowed opt-out of course creator for assignment creation

    • Reduced file size and increased performance

    • Fixed several issues relating to cutoffs and saving

  • Assignments without a weight are now grade-type neutral

  • Fix cutoff mismatch after cancelling course settings change

  • Improved messaging around network errors

  • Fixed GPA calculation for courses with a A-/B-/C-/D- average (this was reported by a student, thank you!)

  • Accessibility improvements

  • Fixed GPA out-of-date message being hidden behind title

  • Removed some dead code

  • Improved rendering of percent sign in grade table due to variable widths

  • Tamed overzealous scrollbars on Semester Dashboard

  • Updater browser support to only modern browsers


Released July 30, 2021


  • Added bonus points - we know you've been waiting for this feature, and it's finally here!

  • Completely redesigned the new user tour

  • Improve perceived loading performance on slower networks

  • Enabled GPA Insights across all schools

Bug Fixes / Notable Changes

  • Fixed crash when assignment creation fails

  • Make the new course creator the default

  • Fixed crash when sharing a course with non-latin characters

  • Improved spacing of experimental mode toggle

  • Fixed inconsistencies when category saving fails

  • Improved responsiveness when making lots of changes to a course

  • Fixed course average sometimes showing slightly (0.1%) lower

  • Streamlined GPA configuration callouts


Released April 20, 2021


  • Improved "smartness" of GPA insights and suggestions

  • Added course progress bar to course list in GPA insights

  • Added a warning when course weights / cutoffs conflict

Bug Fixes / Notable Changes

  • Fixed crash when saving course settings on a slow network

  • Performance improvements


Released April 5, 2021


  • Added beta support for collaboration with your advisor (limited to participating organizations)

  • General improvements to user experience in the new course creator

Bug Fixes / Notable Changes

  • Fixed delete button showing up in course settings when experimenting

  • Fixed grades sometimes not being removed when editing a category

  • Removed autocomplete from most input fields

  • Added warning when you are rate-limited

  • Added click-to-refresh support in new version notification


Released February 28, 2021


  • πŸ’ƒ Added a new course creator (in beta)

  • Added support for decimal cutoffs

Bug Fixes / Notable Changes

  • Fixed lazy-loaded semester causing inaccurate dashboards

  • Fixed various visual spacing issues

  • Fixed app crash when you don't have a first or last name

  • Updated grade delete confirmation to only show for categories with a name and weight

  • Fixed glitches when modifying a course or category

  • Fixed crash when trying to create a category with more than 40 grades

  • Fixed some other crashes

  • Various performance improvements!


Released November 13, 2020


  • Added experimental mode (beta) - play with your grades to see how you'll do without saving your changes!

  • Each page in the app now updates the tab name

Bug Fixes / Notable Changes

  • Separated 0-credit courses in GPA page (this was reported by a student, thank you!)

  • Improved and updated styling and fonts across the app

  • Disallowed importing a course if the course list is full

  • Fixed points / percentages sometimes not respect your wishes

  • Fixed a crash when relaunching an old version app

  • Improved tour steps based on new Grade Editor

  • Improved accessibility for animated sections of the app

  • Fixed course navigation (bottom bar) not updating after changing the course name

  • Redesigned Create Category dialog

  • Fixed course progress and "What do I need" not updating when creating new category

  • Fixed crash when you have a creating a category with a really long name

  • Fixed login flow breaking when popups are disabled


Released September 7, 2020


  • Reworked the login flow to make it easier and faster for you to get logged in or create your account

Bug Fixes / Notable Changes

  • Creating a category now asks for the number of grades

  • Removed unnecessary prompt when deleting an empty assignment or category

  • Fixed an issue with scrollbars in FireFox

  • GPA progress bar won't show up when your semester has no courses

  • Fixed a crash and timing issues when per-school configurations failed to populate


Released August 18, 2020


Bug Fixes / Notable Changes

  • Fix category editor crashing the app some times

  • Fix course creation sometimes not working


Released August 17, 2020


Bug Fixes / Notable Changes

  • Added an edit button to the Previous Semester GPA section

  • Improved support for mobile devices

  • Removed some dead code from 3.15 to make the app load even faster πŸš€

  • Added support for Fall 2020

  • Removed Add Assignment and Add Category buttons from archived semesters - they were crashing the app


Released August 9, 2020


  • Refreshed GradeTable

Bug Fixes / Notable Changes

  • Fixed course name not visually updating when it was changed in the settings

  • Fixed a memory leak

  • Fixed some issues with the tour

  • Removed unused icon libraries

  • Internally updated how we store cutoffs so we can support more cutoffs in the future


Released July 4, 2020 πŸŽ‡


  • Based on your feedback, we've added a toggle to let you choose between entering points-based grades (18/20) and percentage grades (90%). (blog post)

  • The app now goes to sleep after you've been gone for a while

Bug Fixes / Notable Changes

  • Unified iconography

  • Your Semesters page has a new look, and now lists semesters reverse chronologically (newest semester first)

  • Remove empty (no name or weight) categories before sharing a course

  • Internal improvements. This should reduce the number of bugs you see and help us make changes faster!